Erin Mahony

Erin Mahony

Class of 2018

B.S., Biology, with Minors in Psychology, Chemistry and Mathematics

My extracurricular activities were an important aspect of my college education. By serving in multiple capacities at IU Northwest, I was able to grow as an individual and leader.


Celebrating the Class of 2018

Future physician made the most of every opportunity.

After graduating in May 2018, Erin Mahony, 21, is proud to announce she’ll be attending IU School of Medicine – Northwest this fall.

In high school, Mahony attended an IU Northwest event in which prospective students could explore going from a “Freshman to Physician.”

“I can still recall the words of a fourth-year medical student: ‘If you want to be a doctor, then this is the place for you,’ ” Mahony said. “Everything became clear, and I felt like I had a clear path to medical school. Not only did I learn that IU Northwest had the best science professors, but I also figured out how comfortable I felt in the classrooms.”

So when Mahony enrolled at IU Northwest, she knew a biology degree would prepare her for the intensity of medical school. She also knew that her preparation for becoming a doctor would involve taking advantage of every opportunity.

“It was a constant struggle to stay ahead of everything that my major required,” Mahony says, “but with the support of my Lord, family, boyfriend, friends, professors, and two cute dogs, I managed to pull through!”

She did so with honors, receiving awards from the Tri-Beta Biology Honors Society, the Pre-Professional Studies Club, the International Human Cadaver Prosection Program, and was named an outstanding student in both biochemistry and biology.

Friendships that Never Fade