Student Success Stories

Celebrating the Class of 2018

Numbering close to 800 students strong, the Class of 2018 has countless inspiring tales to tell. Tales of triumph, self-discovery, success, and of promises fulfilled.

Join us in celebrating their accomplishments. Learn more about the entire class and hear a few of these amazing stories as told by the students themselves.

David Arreola - B.A. Fine Arts

Description of the video:

I've been investing in my kids education
since they were born,
and I really wanted to lead by example,
and by doing that I needed to come back
to school and get my bachelor's degree. It's about being passionate and it's about,
you know, doing the right thing. So my
kids are gonna watch me walk across the
stage and, you know, I hope to see them do
the same thing one day, you know?
Diamond Jackson - B.S. Psychology, Minors: Chemistry, Physics

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The one thing about IU Northwest that
has changed my outlook on life is that
here everyone's a family, and we all
support each other. Even if you see
someone struggling we don't just ignore
them, we help them. We give our all
because they're going to give us their
Ishani Sharma - B.S. Biology and B.A. Biochemistry, Minors: Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Chemistry

Description of the video:

So because IU Northwest is a very
small campus, you would think that you
wouldn't be able to learn as much. However, one of the most impactful things
that I've experienced and learned is
that it's not about the amount of people
that you surround yourselves with, but
it's the quality of those people. And so
I've made a lot of quality relationships
with the faculty, staff, and students, at
IU Northwest, and so I feel like that has
been one of the most impactful things
that I've learned.

Friendships that never fade

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